14. jul. 2015

The Girl Behind The Lens: Jasmina Lozar

Greetings Gremlins!

Since stuff has been hectic up until now in my life, it is really nice to get a day like this, where I get to chill, and rest my exhausted mind, and not to mention body. ×_× /all of my muscles are sore and this makes me grumpy okay?/
Off pistè, just a bit.
Today I thought about a special woman, who I know is right now working like an animal- Jasmina Lozar.

And since she is being a doll, working on so many projects, I thought I should tell you a thing or two about the girl behind the lens.

We have met way back on xFactor, I doubt she even remembers it, but for a then 17 year old me, I was completely awestruck by this girls talent, which extends far from just photography, cause let me tell you, girl got pipes! 

It wasn't until sometime later,/khmtwoyears/ that I got to actually work with her, as a model. I remember the preparations to this day, cutting up the finishing touches on sleeves up to the very last second xD 

We worked on a set of portraits, and even if the shoot was short, I remember how awesome it felt working with someone so willspirited, who didn't mind having a shoot in the open street and just winging it! 

You can check out the full album Here

Before we next worked together,  the girl flew off to Portugal,  continued to work on her concert photography touring festival to festival-she is unstoppable I tell you!

And as I mentioned concert photography, I should probably also thank her for snapping a shot of me at an Overtures concert a while back, and well I'm glad I have such a memorable moment captured...

But this summer, we got together again, first working on an fairie/demon shoot in the woods,  which again, turned out spectacular! I seriously can't over stress how great it is collaborating with her, her personality makes it almost impossible to have bad attitude on set, and somehow, with her, work gets done faster than time flies,.. and there is always so many ideas for more, thatwe sooner run out of memory cards. XD

And now we have worked on my baby, 7DeadlySins together, and again, I torture her with hours and GB of pictures,  poking at her impatiently.. xD poor girl. Props for putting up with the Mizkreant.

So I promised you pics and  Here they are. 

But lets all be patient, and while she is burried in work, lets show her some love.

Attitude on set: A+
Proffesional approach: ten golden stars
Creeper vibe?: LOLOMFGNO she is awesome
End result satisfaction ratio: 100%. 
Her work is timeless.
And she is a badass.
Up for batshit crazy shit for good shot? Always.

The Mizkreant.

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