12. avg. 2015

Furious Future?

Greetings, Gremlins! ^_^

As some of you might know, I have recently lost a very close friend, and thus, I apologize for the leave of absence.

However, I did want to keep you updated on what is going on around here, since, looking at it, it is quite a lot! This Sunday, I will be walking in my first fashion show for the disgustingly talented Fleš InWonderland. She has created a whole line of poke-awesomeness to wear, and I am going batshit crazy over the fact that I get to be Jigglypuff!

But even before that, I should mention that in collaboration with Kim Gale, I am gonna open up another blog, called Clockwork Ourange! And as you might have guessed, or not, it will be a completely steampunk orientated blog, steampunk shop directory, event overview, company haul reviews and so on!
Also, keeping it on the downlow, there are witches, elves, vampires and horsemen on the way!
The 7DeadlySins shoot has proven to me, that I enjoy directing photography probably just as much as I enjoy being in front of the camera, so you should really hold onto your seats, cause these collabs are and other projects are just lining up to happen!

After this week, my next big project will be very dramatic. Somehow, I have taken a huge liking towards biblical themes, but interpreting them in my own, as some of my friends would say, Gucci way.

so thats the next two weeks. I really can't tell you all how glad I am, that I have so much to do, cause otherwise I would probably collapse right now.

Not to mention I will soon post my first DIY projects on here, since I have been doing so many thingamajigies recently. I am making dreads, pimped out my corpse bride cosplay (finallyffs), made a ton of little earrings and hairclips and other adorableness I can share with you.

But right now, I want the Winchesters, my Master and sleep. 
oh wait, I need a lighter too.
Damn. I'm so high maintenance.

Goodbye Gremlins, I will end this before I start to ramble.