25. nov. 2015

Leave of absence

Hello, my Gremlins ^^

As the title says it, this is mainly an apology, from me to all of you, for my leave of absence. As some of you may know, I have in October moved from Slovenia to London, and well, Lets just say I didn't feel like writing in the time of chaotic flat-hunting and all that comes along with moving to a different country.

But no need to be alarmed, I will not quit doing my thing, in fact, I am hoping to start taking things a whole lot further - shoots are getting lined up, my makeup artistry has been greatly acknowledged, and if everything works out as it should, I might open my very own web boutique soon, Gremlins! 

Also, I should probably say a word or two on a thing I missed, due to being newly allocated,.. A picture of mine, done by Diego Steffe, from last years Fumetti per  Giocco convention, where me and the wonderful Kim Gale cosplayed as Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, and got to meet the stunning Kelly Battista, in her usual Miku Hatsune do :3 Sadly, I don't own the original picture, but here is the winning poster guys! My face won second place :3 

So now, that most of my living stuff has been sorted out, even got myself a little job in marketing, I will be able to keep you guys more up to date with shoots, and stuffs I will make, cosplay, and maybe I will even start doing little haul posts, 'cause the shopping here, ohdearlord.

So again, Gremlins, I apologize for my leave of absence, but I promise you guys I will do better :3