15. jul. 2015

The canvas stays silent

Greetings Gremlins!^_^

Excuse the enigmatic title, but I find it thematically appropriate, since I wish to talk about people whose voices are silenced by two dimensions, people who usually aren't expected to talk, but their visual existance can in extreme cases even be worshipped - models.

I have dedicated an article to our amazing photographer Jasmina, and now I want to talk about the models of my baby, 7DeadlySins. Even if I have met some of these people for the first time, and some of them are my lifelong friends, and even if some of them had more experience in modelling than others, they are all wonderful people whom you should know a little bit more about then just seeing their faces.

The sin of Pride:
Ani aisling Pustišek

This little lady has the face of an angel, the soul of an old woman, the mouth of a sailor and the style of a sinner. A talented makeup artist, experienced model and one of my close friends. An article on her makeup artistry should happen soon, in fact.
So you shall read more about her soon.

Alex Djuran

Seeing it was my first time meeting him,  I have to mention this guys carisma and preparedness. Up for anything, and sure to make your funny bone dance. He was our on set hair stylist, doing the job fabulously. Modelled for the first time, but his face transposes on canvas like a dream. A true natural.
Also, great at keeping up morale. 
Quote: "DO IT!"

The sin of Lust

Tina Saražin

A multi-tasker would get jelaous of this girls variety and productivity.  But the truth is, she is an artistic soul, ready to get challenged, conquer the challenge and have fun doing it! I doubt I have ever met such a positively orientated child- loving soul among artists, who will give it their all to produce something amazing.

Sebastian Colaric

A moderately shy city boy, who Ihave to admit comes from a different world to mine, but admittedly, that doesn't make it worse.  He was new in the whole underground scene, and sometimes he might need an extra kick in the butt, but in the end he pulled trough and owned the set! More of a casual model, but with this shoot, he has prooven to me he can do something different, too.

The sin of Gluttony

Amadea Ris

A soul sister of mine, the other dragon lady,... there are no words which can describe how adorkable of a person she is. On top of that gorgeous body is an intelligent head, with a talented drawing hand. Her modelling experience is getting bigger and bigger, and if I had to put money on it, she would be my pick for a future in high fashion modelling.

Rook Kelly

Sadly, I think I have interacted with this guy the least, as I had been running about the place. What I can say though is, he came to set prepared, a very professional attitude towards makeup and styling, and I think his presence works well on people working with him- while they were working, all you could hear were giggles! 

But that might have been the alcohol too...

The sin of Greed 

Tjaša Vendramin

The baby-doll blue eyes are far from her best feature. With a sidenote, this girl saved the shoot, jumping in at the last second, with no experience whatsoever, got ready to go on set in minutes, and played the role perfectly... which kinda sorta also describes her character well. Not to mention that her legs make people go short of breath, she produced great pix for popping her model cherry!

Dejan Angelov

I will never forget meeting this guy, as I will never get over his face. Spectacular features are accompanied by a smart attitude and a sharp mind, which makes him a great conversational partner, great model and just overall an inspiring person to be around. Definetely on my list of people I absolutely have to work with....
when he changes his hair (youknowiloveyouxD)

The sin of Sloth

Alex Dorian Ripper

A ftm transgender painter, actor, singer and songwriter, specialising in cosplay and all things awesome, this person gets a little too little credit for what gets created underneath those fingers. Might be a tad introverted, but trust me, if you desire art, alex is the one who can deliver the goods.
Also does a SIIIIICK Jack Sparrow impersonation.

My fave is Tonto though.

Ludvik Ludo Pe

The first one there, first one ready in styling, had nothing to do and complained about it! But then he broke out his sketchbook, and I could see my sloth appear.  Complained like a pro about being an amateur model, worked it like a pro trough every stage of the shoot. 

Massive props to sloth,their job was the hardest. You guys rock.

The sin of Envy

Fleš InWonderland

When this girl was created, they used rivers of talents, buckets of cool and a handfull of shy. She designs like a true poke-master, and when I say I adore her sewing, it would be an understatement. (i mean she made.a.toothless.hoodie. I DIED OKAY?) With experience in modelling, a vision in design, this girl will be going places.  I wish her personality would shine trough a bit more though.

Arik Sykes

Another upbeat, awesome personality that you cannot forget! Relaxed, positive and attentive to direction.Time spent waiting for preparations to be complete wouldn't be as epic without him. Another rookie in modelling, but working on the group shot I could see him relax and start working it... and it was Fierce. 
P.s. Has a pair of eyes that can melt ice caps

The sin of Wrath

Naser Gashi

Such a sweetheart! Such features! Much shy! My partner in sin was chosen purely out of all the things a model "needs" to be. Legs stretching out to London and back, height appropriate(really, I'm a midget.), and face that begs to be captured on film. His shyness has maybe worked against him in the beggining, but after a few growls, and screams, there was my Wrath.

Nana Higuchi

.... A retarded potato who vomited before getting people on location, freaked out for four hours, before calming down and taking it to the end.
I am so not gonna describe myself... 
it would cause my brain to implode xD

So now you know a thing or two about the people without a voice, who get outspoken by their own face, by someone who is used of that feeling.

We are people, not just a face and a body on a photo. We have dreams, fears, likes, dislikes,... so please dont forget that. 

Treat us like the people we are, not the face that you see.

The Mizkreant 

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