12. jul. 2015

7DeadlySins Completed!

Greetings Gremlins!^^

Woah, was yesterday a roller-coaster! But against all odds, and all complications that came along the way, everything worked out perfect and I couldn't be more proud and grateful for everyone's effort and pulling trough in the end, resulting in an awesome project and I can say for myself, I had a blast!
We started gathering at 3 pm in Štanjel, and so the process started! While we waited for people, the ones already there were thrown into styling, hair & make-up!

With the help of myself, the gorgeous Flaš InWonderland, and everyone's detailed efforts, we dressed 14 models!
The fabulously talented Fleš InWonderland!
The Mizkreant

Tina Sarazin showing us some flesh, ;)

Needless to say, make-up was also a project with this many people, and I got to thank the gorgeous Ani Aisling Pustišek, for making my girls gorgeous, and helping me embody my vision! Here I also got to mention another talented artist, who helped out with the guys faces!
Ani Aisling Pustišek in action!

The yin to my yang - Amadea Ris in make-up

Alex Dorian Ripper, our sloth, getting pissed at not having anything to do xD

Needless to say, when models waited to get sorted, everyone got to know each other, and I can honestly say that the team was amazing, (also at calming the 'Boss-Lady' down, as she was dealing with now non-important drama), and even if they had to wait to get into hair and makeup, the models really got along and the shoot actually kinda turned into a dress-up party!

 And not to forget to mention the DO-IT fella, our fab hairstylist, who despite being like this when I approached him about helping with the hair, saying OMGNOWHYME?!,

Alex Djuran, did a fabulous job following my shabby instructions, and made everyone's hair on point!

And about five-ish hours later, when all the preparations were complete, and everyone showed up, (with special thanks to Tjaša Vendramin, jumping in at the last second and saving the day!), all we could say was sayonara, and get shooting!

Pride (Alex Djuran &Ani Aisling Pustišek) on their way down the  Graveyard Aisle

When we started working, I couldn't be more proud of the models, which some of them were rookies at, and I must say that they followed the artistic vision to the tee- people got in character even behind the scenes!
Also check out Daseemay (the assistant photographer) on Instagram!
Well, for now, this shall be all I will share with you, Gremlins! We are all anticipating the final shots, which you shall see after I get them, and believe me, there are no words which can describe how much I look forward to seeing the final results.

MODELS: Ani Aisling Pustišek, Alex Dorian Ripper, Alex Djuran, Arik Sykes, Amadeja Ris, Dejan Angelov, Nana Higuchi, Naser Gashi, Ludvik Lu Pe, Rook Rook, Fleš InWonderland, Tjaša Vendramin, Tina Sarazin, Sebastian Colaric

STYLING: Mizkreant Incarnante, Fleš InWonderland, &inc.

MUA: Ani Aisling Pustišek, Alex Dorian Ripper, Nana Higuchi

HAIR: Alex Djuran

DIRECTOR: Nana Higuchi

PHOTOGRAPHY: Jasmina Lozar

2ND PHOTOGRAPHER: Daseemay (Instagram)

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