19. sep. 2015

My first runway

Greetings, Gremlins! ^•^
So I know that I have mentioned this like.. A couple of times at least,but now I will write a whole post about it, because it was just so epic!  I finally got to walk in a fashion show, and to make it even more special, it was created by Fleš, whose face has been dragged over this blog over and over, and I will probably mention her even more in the future. Oh, and to make it even more superextrawesome, it was a cosplay fashion show.
So as you might have seen, your otherwise bad-ass goth mistress of the night has transformed into a cutesy  white and pink pokemon called Jigglytuff ^3^

So I am still very happy to have been a part of this project, and even if rain tried to stop us, it had no power over us, we just kept on rolling! Although when they wanted to cancel the whole thing because of falling water, that eventually stopped falling, we thought that the force was weak with us that day,.. Turned out to be just as epic or even more than we expected :3

so I think this would be the time to link you to where these gorgeous dresses can be purchased, yes?
thank me later, Gremlins.

Also a word or two need to be said about the epic photographer, Andrej Mi, who took pics the whole day! 

I mean, the small anime community we have in Slovenia,and it still never ceases to amaze me. So many talented, outgoing, crazy people.. It is awesome! 

 A link to his work you want?

So as you also might know, if you follow me regularly, I am moving to england in a few short weeks, so I apologize for the leave of absence, life has been a bit hectic, projects like y 4Horsebitches got cancelled, I got a new tatoo,.. OH SO MUCH LIFE TO LIVE.

Well but I wont quit working at it. Tomorrow a shoot or Grad Celje.



Wish me luck, Gremlins <3 br="" nbsp="">

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