5. jul. 2015

Everything has a start.

Hello Gremlins ^^

So If you haven't read the intro, I go by Nana Higuchi, and Mizkreant Incarnante is sort of a motto, an enigma that inspires.

This shall be short, as I don't appreciate long and boring introductions.

I model, do makeup, fashion, and basically I have dedicated my life to art, and this blog, shall be the recording of the aesthetic journey of a lost soul exploring the darker aesthetic pleasures.

The posts I imagine will vary from DIY posts, to tutorials on makeup looks, to picture posts of my latest work, and maybe, sometimes, I might surprise you with a new tattoo or a poem.
So there you have it, I guess this is how the journey begins. Let's see where it takes us :D

Mizkreant Incarnante

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